Mrs. Debbie's testimonial

My husband and I recently relocated to Vientiane from Chiang Mai. We did a 6 month assignment in Savannakhet, Laos earlier this year, so we understood what kind of house we wanted to rent here.

The new company provided "relocation" assistance and a "realtor" here in Vientiane. That company offered a great "get aquainted" tour of Vientiane and some helpful information, BUT, they were not in it for the long haul in helping us find a place to live. We were very discouraged when we were only shown 4-5 houses and told that this was basically "it" as far as our price range.

The person from Immolaos mentioned earlier, Bouala, answered my calls, took me to a number of different houses, and then took me out a second day - and we found a beautiful home for $900 a month that had absolutely EVERYTHING we could have hoped for in a house. Brand new, great garden, western kitchen, etc. etc.

This was not amazing service - it was totally perfect service. I have owned a real estate company in Hawaii for many years. If a client does not find a house on day #1, you re-group and look deeper & show them some more! I've spent weeks with clients looking to buy property and spending a couple of days with someone looking to rent is totally acceptable. And, if they decide the $1,000,000 house isn't the one and they go for the $500,000 house, you smile and are grateful for THAT commission! (rentals usually pay 1 month to the leasing agent so you can easily see why you'd be shown more expensive houses by some agents). Jeeze, it just makes sense to service your client this way. (and it creates referrals which is what real estate is all about).

This guy was great at Immolaos. I'd recommend him any day. He does not price the rental properties, he posts them at the rate the landlord requests. And, he walked the fine line between representing the landlord and representing us in the negotiations. Quite a feat in a developing real estate sales & rental market here in Laos.

I just wanted to give some feedback from someone that recently had to quickly find a new home - and was totally pleased with the determination this person had to drive me around for those extra couple of hours and find me the place! I totally recommend him and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking to rent a home in Vientiane.

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